Office in Back, book cover. By Linda L. Harley. Couple standing back to back, arms crossed, upset.

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"It’s hell fighting like this! I won’t do this anymore! What’s happened to us? You’re not the man I married. We hardly speak anymore, much less do anything together.”

     C.J. faces the harsh reality he could become a two time divorcée. He chalked up his first marriage as a mistake, and simply let Cullen walk away without any thought to reconcile, despite him saying on their wedding day, this was the best decision of his life. And yet, the words he is hearing from his second wife, Leeta, are hauntingly familiar. 

     What if his first marriage wasn’t a mistake? What if he has just made the same wrong steps in both marriages? How does he save his second marriage from the same fate as his first? C.J. vowed to Leeta, “Till death do us part” and meant it. However, C.J. fears at the rate they were going, their death and parting might not be due to the grace of old age but due to their own rage.  

     One morning after another raucous fight with Leeta, C.J. is jogging down familiar streets, wondering,What exactly went wrong between Leeta and me? In the midst of his ruminations, a sign he has never noticed before catches his attention:

                           Jane H. Levy, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

                                                              Office In Back.

     Surprised by his own actions, C.J. finds himself standing in the waiting room confessing to Ms. Levy that he hasn’t been happy in his marriage for a long time. Too many fights that go on into the wee hours of the morning, and frequently he can’t even remember what started the fight in the first place. 

     Leeta skeptically agrees to join C.J. in counseling. And thus begins C.J.’s journey, as he desperately struggles to not have another failed marriage to a woman he loves.

“The easy part of any relationship is the falling in love part. The hard part is learning how to live with each other under the same roof.”