Marriage & Family

Marriage/Couple and Family Stress Affects Everyone:


  • No one is immune to family and marriage/couple stress. Even the "best of relationships" will have its ups and downs. The stress may originate within the relationship or from the outside, but it is the relationship, which becomes endangered. The damage comes from not communicating the underlying issues and making assumptions; thereby, drawing false conclusions. The unresolved issues fester and compound themselves. Control is lost with usually very workable issue.

What is Marriage/Couples and Family Counseling? :


  • It takes healthy people to admit that their relationship or their family needs help. They are having challenges that they are at odds with in understanding or knowing what to do. Counseling is a process that develops a framework for the couple or family member(s) to talk in a safe environment, enabling the couple or family member to diffuse their emotional pain; thereby, readying themselves to focus on the tasks needed to resolve their conflicts. The process's primary goal is not to judge who is right or wrong and not to take sides. Instead, it is to aid the couple/family members to renew and develop their own personal resources, and to develop workability in their relationship; thereby, creating a better balance for everyone.  

What is a Relationship? :


  • My metaphor for a relationship is a bridge. The bridge is composed of three entities. The two pillars holding up the bridge are the two individuals, and the bridge is the relationship. If there are chinks in either one or both of the pillars (individual), the bridge (relationship) will be weakened. And if there are chinks in the bridge (relationship) itself, the pillars(individuals) are weakened.